Nickname: ch3d4


First Name: Vojislav


Last Name: Bajakic


DoB: 27th of May, 1983.


Gender: Male

Little something about me…


I was born in a small town named Vajska in 1983. Even as a young boy, I was very interested in computers, arts and science… always with a book in my hand as if I wanted a ticket to another brave new world. As you might have guessed I was and still am a geek/nerd. But don’t get me wrong… I loved sports and war-games and spent a lot of time playing outside… ’til the age of 8, when I got my first computer. My first computer was Commodore 116, fancy little gadget that bestowed on me many hours of joy through playing video games and later through coding. I have finished primary/elementary school with highest honors.


After finishing elementary/primary school in my hometown, I’ve moved to Novi Sad to attend High School, and that was Civil Engineering High School… Those were quite turbulent times for me and my further development… Small town boy vs. Big City Lights… but I came on top. During this time I started to work as a freelancer… and didn’t stop it… I just LOVE being a freelancer when I have some free time… First I was making logos and plain html+css sites… and later I learned php, MySQL and javascript… Also during this time I started to play bass and to sing… I joined JAZAS and became an educator for youngsters on HIV/AIDS… I attended two years of seminars of psychology in International Research Station Petnica, where my studies were in behavioral psychology and marketing…


After High School I went to college in Novi Sad, to become the best graphic/web designer I could… but ‘cuz of financial situation at home I had to work while studying… that wouldn’t be so hard… but in Serbia there are not so many part-time jobs…


My past work experience…


In my life I have worked on many positions and different jobs… As a promoter, bartender, working in kiosk and in exchange office, as a union trader… But most notable were:


  • civil engineering technician at Slovan Selenca

  • graphic designer and branding manager at Zdravo Organic

  • market analyst, mystery shopper and interviewer at MASMI

  • market analyst and junior coordinator at Strategic Marketing

  • as a freelancer on freelancer.com & oDesk.com

  • staff manager, marketing manager & graphic/promo designer at club Element & Cotton club

  • graphic designer, web designer & web/wordpress developer at RybackMedia

  • senior graphic designer (packaging, stationary design, logo design & branding),
    senior web designer
    (newsletters, site design, sales pages and funnels, PSD to HTML & designing wordpress/joomla! themes ),
    senior web developer (html, css, php, mysql, javascript/jquery & customizing and making custom themes for wordpress/joomla! based sites)
    &web administrator (setting-up/troubleshooting/maintenance of databases, mail servers, client servers and VPN servers & cPanel with wordpress/joomla! installation) at WebBrandMedia LLC


Currently employed at:


me in fbm t-shirt

Position: Junior Designer / Marketing Designer
Team: Media Buying Team 1 (Jedd’s Team) / PPC team (Marcel’s Team)
Responsibilities: Banner Design, Template Design & Test CPM campaigns on ExoClick